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I just finished re-reading The Murderbot Diaries– so fun! This time I read them in the order in which they happened to Murderbot, which is not the order in which they were published.

Compulsory (2018) - (very) short story

This really tells you an awful lot about Murderbot in just a couple of pages.

All Systems Red (2017) - novella

Artificial Condition (2018) - novella

Rogue Protocol (2018) - novella

Exit Strategy (2018) - novella

These four novellas are the core Murderbot diaries. They are four separate stories, but they kind of go together and tell one story too.

home: habitat, range, niche, territory (2020) - short story

This is a nice little story that happens right after the four novellas. It was written for this special edition.

Fugitive Telemetry (2021) - novella

This was written after the novel, but takes place before. It fits right in with the other four novellas.

Network Effect (2020) - full-length novel

You could read this without reading any of the others first. It references things that happened in the earlier stories, but it I think it explains everything pretty well. Of course, I don't really know since I did read some of the earlier things first. Lots of great things happen, so I am looking forward to more stories that take place after this. Fugitive Telemetry was great, but I have unanswered questions about what happens next!

Obsolescence (2020)

This is a short story by Martha Wells. It is not a Murderbot story, but it has kinda the same vibe. It appears in Take Us to a Better Place, an anthology of ten stories.

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