Brit Marling

The other day, I stumbled upon a movie called "Another Earth" on the Hulu. I really enjoyed it and thought it was thought-provoking. Indeed, that night I woke up thinking about the closing scene and realizing that it meant something different from what I thought at first!

During the closing credits, I noticed the actress playing one of the main characters was also a co-writer and producer. I thought that was interesting, so I looked her up. Her name is Brit Marling and it turns out she did that several times about a decade ago.

Intrigued, I looked those up. "Sound of My Voice" is currently available on the Amazon Prime, which I don't have, but "The East" is currently on the HBOMax, which I do. So today I watched "The East". This was very different from "Another Earth," but still what I would call thought-provoking. It's complicated, like real life, not one-dimensional like…well, like a Hollywood movie.

I guess I'm a Brit Marling fan! And will keep an eye out for her other work. If I ever get access to the Amazon Prime, I will watch "Sound of My Voice."

Also, more recently, she co-created, wrote, and starred in The OA, a television series on the Netflix. I also don't have the Netflix, but if I come across it, I shall look up "The OA."

Apparently, she also works as an actor in other things too, which is great. But I hope she keeps writing too.