Kindle highlighters

I got a new Kindle Paperwhite recently. I tried reading library books on my phone, but it was too small. I thought this might work better. I loaded a couple of .mobi files to it and it seemed pretty nice. But when I tried it on a library book, I encountered highlighters.

wtf are highlighters?

What are highlighters? Apparently, you can highlight passages in a Kindle, similar to writing in a paper book with a highlighter marker. Okay. With a library book, highlights from everyone who has checked out this book are visible. What?

If you google it, you'll get a million hits like this one telling you how to turn them off. Because, of course, who would want this horrible misfeature turned on?

Unfortunately, the million hits are out of date. It doesn't seem to work anymore. My "Reading Options" menu has no "Popular Highlights" entry.

reading options menu

So where is the "Popular Highlights" entry? After much searching, I think I found it. Or, at least, a version of it.

Turns out the "home" menu when you're reading a book is different from the regular "home" menu.

home menu for a book

See that second line? The "Aa" thing is some sort of font menu.

font menu

If we move over to the "More" tab

font menu more tab

and then scroll down some

font menu more tab scrolled

we finally see our "Popular Highlights" entry— turn it off!

popular highlights off

Okay, that seems to work! But does that just turn it off for this book? Good grief!