I wrote shrink to shrink images before using them on the web. It has a few options, but I usually just change to the directory with the new images in it and run



As a side effect, it also removes the Exif data.

No geotag please

That saves me the trouble of applying the mighty ExifTool as I normally do.

exiftool -all= *.jpg


I typically get the images off my camera with Shotwell

sudo apt install shotwell

so they end up in a ~/Pictures/YYYY/MM/DD directory.


Not all of the tools I use understand WebP yet (e.g., feh does, but eog doesn't), so I sometimes want to convert to another format. You can do that with dwebp

sudo apt install webp

dwebp rhino.webp -o rhino.png

or the mighty FFmpeg

sudo apt install ffmpeg ffmpeg-doc

ffmpeg -i rhino.webp rhino.png