Thumb drive

I'm done with the bootable thumb drive I used to install Debian 11 with, so now I want to reformat it. If you want to format a thumb drive, you probably want to make it exFAT. Debian 11 uses Linux kernel 5.10

$ uname -r

which has native support for exfat! There is a new package for it called exfatprogs

sudo apt install exfatprogs

So the exfat-fuse package is no longer required

sudo apt autoremove

Now we can reformat the thumb drive in /dev/sdc with

sudo mkfs.exfat /dev/sdc

Check it with

sudo fsck.exfat /dev/sdc

Set the volume label with

sudo tune.exfat -L red /dev/sdc

Check the volume label with

sudo tune.exfat -l /dev/sdc

And check the serial with

sudo tune.exfat -i /dev/sdc